Symmetry & Transformations Websites


Patch Tool This is another excellent activity from the Illuminations website. You can use this activity in a variety of ways, from shape recognition, to creating patterns, transformations and symmetry. There are also tangrams that students can recreate. A nice feature is the ability to get a hint on the shapes needed to complete the tangram.


Pentominoes This site has 4 sections of increasing difficulty related to reflection, lines of symmetry, and rotation of pentominoes. There are printable handouts for both teacher and students.

Line Symmetry An outstanding video tutorial that shows examples of symmetry in nature, art, and architecture as well as letters and traffic signs. There are several sections to the tutorial, each with a few multiple choice questions to check understanding. This entire lesson lasts approximately 15 minutes with excellent visuals, and easy to understand narration.

Rotational Symmetry Here are the instructions from the website: Click the play button to watch the shape rotate 360 degrees. As it turns, count how many times it fits back onto itself (bottom box) to give its order of rotation (top box). After seeing the first couple, a class should be able to do the rest on their own, possibly as a test. Currently contains 14 shapes. You may download this activity to use offline.

Shape Tool This colorful site is a more advanced version of the "Patch Tool" website (listed under K-2). This activity offers a wider variety of tools for manipulating geometric shapes: horizontal and vertical reflection, mirroring, line reflection, rotation, and cut lines.


Exploring Similarity and Congruence Students can drag, flip, rotate, and resize pairs of triangles to determine if they are congruent or similar. Like the other lessons from LearnAlberta, this one has a short video and a printable worksheet.

Transformation Golf A golf ball and hole are positioned on a coordinate plane. Students must rotate, reflect, and translate the golf ball into the hole in the least number of "strokes." There are nine holes to play.

Tetrahedra Investigation This site is visually challenging, but colorful. Here is the description from the website: A short investigation to find the number of ways the net of a tetrahedron can be coloured using four different colours only once. The unit is split into three sections:
  • How many ways can the net of a tetrahedron be coloured using four different colours only once?
  • How many ways can the net of a tetrahedron be coloured if rotations aren’t allowed?
  • How many ways can a 3D tetrahedron be coloured using four different colours only once?

Enlargements On the first level a variety of shapes and objects are displayed in two different sizes. By manipulating the size of the grid, students are able to determine the scale factor by which the object was either enlarged or reduced. The second level presents students with a shape that they must enlarge to a given scale. This "flexigon" has vertices that may be dragged in any direction. There are also worksheets for each activity.