Coordinate Systems Websites


Billy Bug and His Quest For Grub This fun game asks students to direct Billy the Bug to a grub that is located randomly in the first quadrant of the coordinate plane. They can click on large arrows to move Billy either up, down, left or right.There is a timer to track improvement in speed.

Turtle Pond You must help a turtle get to the pond by estimating the distance and changing the angles he needs to travel. You can put obstacles in his way for an extra challenge. You can also show or hide a grid to change the level of difficulty. There are lots of possibilities for extending this activity, limited only by the creativity of the teacher.


The Coordinate Game There are 8 games with 10 problems in which students must identify the coordinates of a point on the coordinate plane. They will need to use the
SMART onscreen keyboard to enter their answers. The site is not very colorful, and the feedback is minimal, but it's a great place to practice.

Billy Bug and His All New Quest For Grub This game is good practice for learning the 4 quadrants of the coordinate plane. Students are presented with random pairs of coordinates, and they must use on-screen arrow keys to move Billy the Bug to those coordinates where he will find a grub to eat. Billy Bug and the All New Quest for Grub would be appropriate for older students because it uses negative numbers and all 4 quadrants.


Transformation Golf A golf ball and hole are positioned on a coordinate plane. Students must rotate, reflect, and translate the golf ball into the hole in the least number of "strokes." There are nine holes to play.