Circles Websites



The Eyeballing Game What a fun site! You are presented with several puzzles: Parallelogram, midpoint, bisect angle, triangle center, circle center, right angle, convergence. You must "eyeball" and then click on the location of the screen that you believe to be correct. The correct location is then given, along with the distance from that spot to your guess. As in golf, a lower score is better. Oh, and by the way, the clock is running, so speed is also a factor. You have 3 chances at each of the puzzle types, after which you are given a final score. Your score is then plotted against the previous 500 scores others have made. What a great way to practice estimation, and if you capture each puzzle to a Notebook file you'll be able to actually measure the distances and angles yourself.


Exploring the Diameter and Circumference of Circles This website features a short video with examples of circles in the "real world" and an interactive that explores the relationship of a circles diameter to its circumference. There is also a 3 page PDF worksheet with additional circumference related problems. A great lesson!

Parts of a Circle This is an excellent interactive lesson with narration about the parts of a circle, and estimating the circumference of a circle. Students also explore the relationship between radius and diameter.

Circle Tool This was one of our favorite sites! There are 3 sections: Intro, which shows the relationship between a circle's radius and its circumference; Investigation, which allows you to create a table of measurements of radius, diameter, circumference and area and to graph and compare the relationships between them; and Problems, which give you a fun application of the attributes of a circle by asking questions about feeding goats. It's a lot of fun!